About the Author

Patricia Cole and her daughter Lindsey traveled to Zambia where they learned about elephant poaching and its effects firsthand. They later returned to the South Luangwa Valley to help teach literacy at a local school where Pat got closer to the people of Zambia and gained more understanding about its endangered wildlife. This led her to serve on the board of directors for Africa Hope Fund whose mission is to educate the next generation of Africans to ensure their future by saving the elephants and other wildlife. Patricia traveled to Zambia five times in the past five years and conducted more than sixty interviews with people who are directly involved in the preservation of elephants, including those who live and work in the South Luangwa Valley educating the youth and protecting its wildlife.

Patricia brings her passion for animals and the environment and her research, interviewing, writing, networking, and public speaking skills together in writing about the danger of elephant extinction. Her goal is to publish and promote a book that helps people who care about our environment, youth, and animals learn more about wildlife in Africa and move readers to take action.

Patricia is a writer and animal lover. She and her husband Jim live in Sacramento, California with their rescued greyhound, Kelty. Patricia earned her degree in English with a focus on multicultural literature at California State University, Sacramento. She wrote for more than 20 years promoting energy conservation as a program planner and advertising administrator for a large publicly owned electric utility and has an extensive public speaking background in that industry, as an elected official, and through contract work for the US Department of Homeland Security.

Patricia wrote for Inside Arden (insidepublications.com), an upscale community magazine for three years. She self-published an oral history for a family after interviewing World War II survivors about their escape from Poland during the war. As a freelance writer, she writes website content, program proposals, grants, white papers, blogs, and marketing materials. Patricia attends writer’s conferences, including “Women Writing in the Redwoods,” and “The San Francisco Writer’s Conference.” She belongs to a local writer’s group and is also working on a historical romance novel Her professional work can be seen at www.writepatwrite.com, and her author’s website is patmcole.com.