Blood Beads – Another Threat to Elephant Survival

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Just when you think man’s inhumanity to life and our environment can’t shock us, a new product from poached elephants much in demand from China is making the news. Called “Blood Beads,” this is a ruthless, painful way for people to make money from not only killing elephants, but also torturing them to harvest their skin because it must be taken while they are dying. Read about it here:

Today, elephants in Myanmar are slaughtered for their skin which contains a lot of blood vessels close to the surface. Elephants are poisoned, and before they are dead, deep cuts are made to remove the outer layer of skin before the blood leaves the skin tissue. Some elephants have been skinned while still alive. The tissue taken from right under their skin is dried and then polished into red beads and other novelties and made into a powdered “miracle health cure.” What makes this even worse is that the product is also poisonous.

If you have the stomach to Google “elephant blood beads,” you’ll see photos of dead, skinless elephants. These are sentient, caring beings, a vital part of our ecosystem. They feel love, pain, joy, and fear. There is no acceptable reason for this brutality. We must work together to stop it.

This hideous trend could signal the end of the elephants in Myanmar. Myanmar isn’t Africa, but what happens when there are no more elephants in Myanmar to satisfy wealthy, greedy, and brutal buyers? We must continue to do all we can to help support anti-poaching efforts in Zambia where herds of elephants are holding their own against poachers thanks to Conservation South Luangwa’s dedication and Africa Hope Fund’s support. We must ensure elephants remain a vital part of our ecosystem and not a memory. Please consider donating today. Whatever amount you can contribute goes directly to nonprofits in Zambia Africa Hope Fund has vetted and helps support ( You can help save elephants from cruel and brutal deaths and an entire species from extinction.

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